New this year is a single student card that does the job multiple cards used to do. This new ASB card can be used as an ASB card to get into games, to check out books in the library and as a lunch card. Additionally, this new card enhances student safety on the bus by ensuring that:

- Only authorized students can board a bus at their assigned stop
- Parents can see when and where their student scanned on and off the bus
- There is an accurate roster of exactly who is on the bus in case of an evacuation
- Students are prevented from accidentally boarding incorrect buses

Although students are required to have their cards when they ride the bus, no student will be left behind because they do not have their card.

These ASB cards also have a QR code that helps elementary students log into their Chromebooks and all of their most-used educational learning programs without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords as in the past. This is especially helpful at the youngest ages.

Finally, cards have break-away lanyards for added safety. While a $5.00 fee covers the cost of replacement cards, it also encourages students to be responsible. Keep in mind that if you find an old card it will no longer work on the bus once a new card is made.

Please help your child remember his/her card each day. For elementary students, attaching it to the backpack is a great way to accomplish this, but be sure to put in an extra loop so that it doesn’t get pulled off by mistake.