Our Schools:
North Franklin School District is a leader in preparatory education, with a graduation rate higher than the Washington average. Graduates are prepared for any post-secondary education or career opportunity in which they have interest. North Franklin School District is made up of:

  • Basin City Elementary
  • Connell Elementary
  • Mesa Elementary
  • Olds Jr. High School
  • Connell High School
  • Palouse Junction High School

Our Students:
North Franklin School District’s enrollment includes almost 2100 students.  The student population is culturally diverse, with many students coming from homes where a language other than English is spoken.

Our Families and Community:
Strong families are the anchor of North Franklin School District, and bring strong values, a deep sense of community, unmatched dedication, and hard work to the district. Families donate countless hours of volunteer service to the schools.Community organizations and churches support the youth of the district through numerous significant social programs and volunteer projects, including: building a first-class sports facility, safe and enriching after-school programs, and scouting programs.

Our Heritage:
North Franklin School District students have diverse cultural backgrounds. Many come from families of modern pioneers, with parents or grandparents who were dry-land settlers or participants in the Columbia Basin Irrigation project, which harnessed the power of the Columbia River at the Grand Coulee Dam and fed water to the semi-arid region. Both the dry-land and irrigation farmers struggled against nature to carve an agricultural oasis from a sagebrush-covered wasteland. In the last two decades, many new families have moved into the district for jobs in this now agriculturally rich area. With ample row crops and burgeoning orchards, many families have recognized the advantages and opportunities in the Columbia Basin and have chosen to permanently settle in the region.

A Look to the Future:
A recent valedictorian of Connell High School said. "We feel confident the base of knowledge we gained here will provide us the foundation we need to succeed. We look fondly on our past and confidently to the future." It is the goal and mission of North Franklin School District to provide such excellence in education that all students will have such confidence in themselves and their future.

The NFSD Community:
North Franklin School District is made up of four rural towns: Basin City, Connell, Eltopia, and Mesa. The towns are agriculturally dependent, and businesses are centered on service to orchards, irrigated crops, and dryland wheat farms. The primary industrial base includes food processing, agricultural chemicals, and a minimum security correction facility, and will soon include a medium security correction facility. The district’s rural location makes schools the center of education, recreation, and socialization.