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Maintenance & Operations Staff

Meet our staff:
Staff picture 2015

This team of maintenance and operations personnel is striving to meet its own goals to excel in its areas of responsibilities. They believe their primary goal is to provide for the needs of the physical plant and keep the schools safe, comfortable and environmentally conducive to the learning process. Within this goal is the vision statement “Committed to work together for sustainable excellence.” The crew understands that it takes teamwork to maintain our facilities and grounds. Everyone who uses these facilities also plays an important role in taking care of them, in that we have another area of opportunity within our district of which to be proud.

Teamwork is vital for any organization to succeed, and this staff is often faced with rearranging their work schedules to accommodate programs, special events and emergencies. When we coordinate our efforts with the efforts of others, we move toward achieving our goals. We believe that by working together, good work becomes great! Thank you to all who help the Maintenance and Operations Department in the process of teamwork – it is greatly appreciated!

Maintenance & Operations Department
Kelly Gregg - Director of Facilities, Operations & Capital
Britton Vanness - Facilities & Operations Supervisor
Sue Robertson - Assistant to Director

John Massengale – Lead Electrician / Maintenance
Ben Gullett  - Maintenance / Building Lead
Dennis Nipper - Lead Maintenance / Grounds
Randy Kent - Maintenance / Grounds Assistant
Alex Lopez - Maintenance / Grounds Assistant
Jim Blum - Maintenance / Grounds Assistant - Floater


Ernie Cerna – Custodian, Connell High School – Day
Charles Raabe - Custodian, Connell High School - Swing

Evan Burton - Custodian, Connell High School - Swing
Tiffany Lindsley – Custodian, Central Office, Connell Elementary - Day
Carlos Abarca - Custodian, Olds Jr. High - Swing
Roger Piper
– Custodian, Olds Jr. High– Swing
Nunu Phaengpha – Custodian, Connell Elementary - Swing
Keunkeo Bountharath – Custodian, Connell Elementary - Swing
Dorothy Nipper – Custodian, Mesa Elementary – Swing
Roslyn Monk - Custodian, Basin City Elementary - Swing
Kim Gullett - Custodian, Basin City Elementary - Swing
Emilio Saucillo - Custodian, Basin City Elementary - Day