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North Franklin Maintenance & Operations Department
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Primary Goal & Mission: Provide for the needs of the physical plant and keep the schools safe, comfortable, and environmentally conducive to aid in the learning process.

Director's Message

MaintOpsDirWelcome to the Maintenance & Operations Department. My name is Kelly Gregg, Director of Facilities, Operations & Capital Improvements, and I sincerely appreciate your visit to our School District. We are a small Maintenance & Operations team with a large area to cover within North Franklin School District. I would like to introduce you to our staff and share some additional information about our department and how some of our work is processed.

Our Maintenance staff work together to accomplish multiple duties in addition to their specific responsibilities, and they strive to work together for excellence.

Maintenance & Operations Support:


  • 382,804 sq/ft of facilities are maintained by our staff and provide support for all the buildings and components including kitchen equipment, electrical & mechanical systems, plumbing, security, fire alarm and irrigation systems, sports equipment, flooring, etc.  The district is very proud of our newly built and remodeled facilities, which involves our maintenance staff in daily operations.  These include the addition of the new Concessions Stand adjacent to the football field, the newly built Connell Elementary School, modernization of Olds Junior High School, the addition of classrooms and modernization of the food service area at Connell High School.  The district recently upgraded our Heating, Ventilation and Air Contol units at Basin City Elemetnary, Mesa Elementary and Connell High School and is striving to reduce energy costs throughout the district.  The district's newest projects are the Field of Dreams sports fields and the Grandstands/Press box Project at Connell High School, which have been ongoing projects that involved many community members who have volunteered their time and their equipment to the project.  Thank you to everyone for supporting our students and facilities.
  • 14 facilities with 6 portables:
    -These require daily custodial support, averaging 27,000 to 30,000 sq/ft per custodian to include sports events and facility even preparations.
  • 77+ acres of turf, irrigation & lanscaping to maintain.
    -These sites are maintained each week on nine different sites reaching 22 miles away and include sports fields, playgrounds & equipment.
  • Food service delivery support.

 Primary Goals

Provide for the needs of the physical plant and keep the school safe, comfortable and environmentally conducive to aid in a good learning process.

We believe that maintenance and custodial are an important part of the public education process, just as all the other support services are. The physical characteristics of a school facility are looked upon by the community, administration, teachers, coaches, maintenance and custodial, and school districts who visit to participate in sporting events and others who have contact with North Franklin School District, as something to be proud of.

We comprehend the utmost importance of realizing the basic definition of “Cost of Ownership,” which we believe will generally include not only the planning, design and construction, but also maintenance, repairs, replacements, alterations and normal operations such as heating, cooling and lighting, as well as ultimate disposal. These operating costs are recognized as being long-term costs to the owner.

With having the understanding of “Cost of Ownership,” we base a lot of our decisions on trying to provide the district with the best possible environment for the students and we keep in mind the long term cost or savings when the decisions are being made. Whether it be a new piece of equipment or to update something, we need to understand the importance of providing the equipment necessary to perform the work in a safe, efficient and productive manner. This in turn saves the district from unforseen problems and money in the long term.

In additional to the normal operations in maintaining and caring for our facilities, we also coordinate new development and modernization and repair for the facilities and grounds.  These projects range from new sidewalks and curbs to flooring and building needs that require a Small Works Contract.  If you are interested in being included in the North Franklin School District Small Works Roster, please call the Maintenance and Operations Department at (509) 234-6441 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an application.  Our Small Works Roster is updated annually in March.  For more information regarding the Small Works process, please reference the following:

Kelly D. Gregg, Director of Facilities, Operations, & Capital Improvements

Work order proccess

Maintenance & Operations Work Request Form

North Franklin School District's Maintenance & Operations Department utilizes a web-based program to enhance managing work requests from the buildings, and also to organize and track assigned work. An example of a typical work request:


A Typical Work Request Flow from a Building