Extra-Curricular Trip Information

The North Franklin School District is involved in many extra-curricular activities which require the transportation of students to events. Spring is the busiest time of year not only due to the numerous sports activities, but the increased number of field trips and academic competitions.

A coach or advisor must be on the bus to and from the event and is responsible for the behavior of the students in his or her charge; however, the bus driver has the final authority. Family members or friends of coaches, advisors, teachers or bus drivers are not allowed to travel on a school bus unless they are a part of the team/event.

District bus rules are the same as those to/from school transportation and will be enforced accordingly. Additional rules are listed below:

  • Eating is allowed on extra-curricular trips; however, this is a privilege and should not be abused. The coach, teacher, or advisor accompanying the group is responsible to clean up any trash or spillage caused by the students in their charge.
  • Water is the only beverage allowed.
  • All equipment is to be stored in the storage compartments. If there is not enough room for everything in the storage compartments, the smaller, lighter equipment can be brought on the bus as long as the coach/advisor or students are responsible for it and it is secured. Nothing should be stored in the bus on the shelf in front of the rear emergency exit or where it blocks any of the emergency exits.
  • No uniforms or other items shall hang in windows or obscure driver's view.
  • No metal cleats shall be worn on the bus.
Returning Home
Cell phone usage- Students are to make calls to home from their personal cell phone or from a pay phone prior to boarding the bus. This is usually accomplished when stopped for a meal. Cell phones can be very distracting to bus drivers especially at night. Therefore, once the bus is in motion, use of cell phones is strongly discouraged and permission must be granted from the bus driver before anyone can use the cell phone.
Authorized stops

The following locations are the only authorized stops when returning from an extra-curricular event:

Basin City Elementary
Mesa Grocery Store
Connell High School
Wahluke Watermasters
Merrill’s Corner (Eltopia West Road and Glade North Road)
Hwy. 395 and Eltopia West Road (turn-out area west of railroad tracks)
Intersection of Hwy. 260 and Hwy 17 (substation)

The bus driver can stop only at the above sites—no one, including a coach or advisor, is to be dropped at ANY OTHER stop. This means that the bus cannot stop at homes which may be passed on the way.

The bus must take the most direct path home; therefore, it is not possible for the bus to service each of the authorized stops. For example, if returning from Othello, stops can be made at Wahluke Watermasters, Basin City, and Mesa then at Connell (if that’s when the trip started)—a stop at Merrill’s Corner or Eltopia is not an option.

Unloading at Designated Stops

When dropping students, the bus shall not wait longer than five minutes for any parent to pick up a student. The student will continue on to its final destination with the coach—it is the coach’s responsibility to notify the parents. Only the coach has the authority to release a student to someone other than the student’s parent; the coach is also responsible for students riding home with someone other than a parent.

HOTLINE NUMBERFor travel information,patrons can call the North Franklin School District Hotline (234-2024)